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These are some of the rabbits I have rescued in the past and present.

Lucy is a pet quality Black Dutch. She was abandoned in a park around my grandfather's neighborhood.  Judging by her size she is about 5 months old (when I got her on February 18th 2006). She is very friendly! She is good with children. Lucy now lives with my cousin Makaila and her Mini Lop named Chocolate Chip.

This is Sage. She is a Chinchilla Mini Lop. I found her in my garage one day. Now Sage lives with a new family with 3 other rabbits. Her new family has renamed her Peggy Sue.
Wild Rescue Rabbits
On occassion, I even get in wild rabbit rescues.

Please, when dealing with wild baby rabbits,
leave them alone unless you have physical proof the mother is dead or has abandoned them. The kits are often only fed 1-2 times per day by their mother and this is usually at dawn and at dusk when you aren't watching.  If you disturb the nest, this may cause the mother to abandon the babies. Also, it is important to turn them over to an experienced rehabilitator because the kits have a high mortality rate in captivity and can actually die due to mishandling.  They also do not make good pets and don't thrive well in captivity.
This is Autumn. She is a wild Cottontail rabbit. My grandfather found her in his backyard. His cats killed Autumn's mother. Wild rabbits don't do well in captivity, Autumn died at the age of 6 weeks. She is greatly missed.