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White Rose Rabbtry is a small 25 hole rabbitry located on the city of Monroe, Washington. My first rabbit I ever owned was a solid black cross-breed (Netherland Dwarf/Dutch) named Angel. The second rabbit I owned, which inspired me to start the New Zealand breed was my White doe named Frost. I got her for free from a gentleman on Anderson Island located in Washington state. She had the WORST personality I have ever seen on a rabbit, but I loved her anyway. I really liked her size and the way she looked. I wanted to do New Zealands but I wanted a uncommon color. Plus, the Reds look so cool I just had to buy one. I looked on the internet for 3 years in search for a breeder close by. One day at a NWRB show I saw a Red in-between a bunch of Whites and Blacks, the ONLY Red at the show. The best part was, he was for sale. $30 with pedigree from Judy Currie of Canada. I ended up buying him and he stated this whole Red New Zealand breeding thing. His name was Currie's Liam but I ended up calling him Gobi. I bought Gobi a female, Currie's Patsy AKA Sahara, for $35 with pedigree. I will admit, my Reds are not the best, and I don't expect them to be. I just want to keep the Reds alive and thriving. Currently, I don't have the money to buy expensive rabbits, ship from other states or drive out of my city. I breed with what I have and what I can afford. Yes I admit my Reds are not the best, and I accept that.