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Lately I have been falling in love with Flemish Giants. I'm not going to do a whole lot of breeding but I will every once in a while.



Arnold: White Flemish Giant buck  from Mandy's Monster Farm! 8 weeks old around October 2nd 2010! I have always wanted a Flemish Giant as a pet! I am named him Arnold (because he's large. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, hahaha) Picture coming soon. No pedigree. I must say, Arnold is a LOVE!

Arnold is not for sale.


Black Beauty (Beauty for short): Black Flemish Giant doe. I named her Black Beauty. Beauty for short. No pedigree. Such a friendly girl! Picture coming soon.



Diesel - Black junior buck. PEDIGREED. Show quality.


Blue junior doe - coming late 2011


Blue junior buck - coming late 2011