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Over the years of owning rabbits, I have come to own many different breeds of rabbits.



My fiancee Rowdy wanted a bunny of his own. This is Indian AKA Indy, she's a black Havana. Got her on January 3rd 2009 from Kris Stamey. Indian is a very curious little rabbit! Date of birth: August 26th 2008.

SHH's Jackpot

SHH's Jackpot


This is SHH's Jackpot. He was born here at White Rose rabbitry, I even bred his parents. I have come to love Jackpot as if he was my own rabbit. Since his original owner does not want to raise rabbits anymore, she gave him to me. So now I own a Harlequin. Jackpot has almost perfect Harlequin markings! I could only find 3 flaws. He has the BEST personality! His parents are H&H's Toshi (Casino) and H&H's Hoshi (Vega). Date of birth: October 10th 2006


I love Lilacs. Problem is I'm not getting enough business for them. I no longer breed Lilacs. However I am keeping these 3, there my pets. I love them to much to sell.

WRR's Survi

WRR's Survi

Survi is a very adorable Lilac that has 1 Best In Show and 2 Reserve In Shows! she is the runt of her litter. Survi had teeth problems when she was younger, the teeth problems are gone now. She came out of Stoltzfus's Lili and Stoltzfus's Blaze. The name Survi is short for Survivor. Survi has the best personality and FANTASTIC TYPE! Suvi was probably the most BEAUTIFUL animal to ever come out of White Rose Rabbitry! Unfortunately Survi developed a blind eye. She can no longer show, but she can still breed. Her daughter Gypsy is also very pretty but as of now nobody can compare to my Survi.
Date of birth: July 6th 2006. Legs: 1
Survi wins Best In Show at the 2007 4-H Holiday show!
Survi wins Reserve In Show at 2007 ERC 4H-ARBA youth show!
Survi wins Reserve In Show at 2007 St. Patricks Day 4H show!

WRR's Gypsy

WRR's Gypsy

This is Gypsy. She is out of WRR's Survi and WRR's Gabriel. I'm excited to have her back, she will be my fit and show rabbit for 4-H.
D.O.B: March 2007


Stoltzfus's Blaze

Blaze is a very nice Lilac. I am very proud of him. Blaze is such a goofball! He is Oliver's little brother. Proven herd buck. WRR's Survi is Blaze's daughter. Thank you Ernie from Lilac Haven for letting me buy this wonderful buck.
Date of birth: January 9th 2004. Legs: 1

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