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RIP Angel
July 2000 - November 12th 2008
The very first rabbit I ever owned. She's been through it all with me. Lots of good memories. She's lived a good ife with lots of love and treats. I'll miss her.


Angel is the first rabbit I ever got. She is extremely sweet and loving! I love her to death! Angel is what started the whole raising rabbits thing. She is a crossbreed between a Dutch & Netherland Dwarf. Angel is just a pet; she is now retired from showing and will not be breeding. Date of birth: Unknown, but I have owned her since July 2000. She was 7 months old at the time. Passed away on November 12th 2008.


April 9th 2005 - December 14th 2008
RIP my Lili girl.

Stoltzfus's Lili

Lili is a very pretty Lilac doe. She has one Best In Show! Thank you Ernie from Lilac Haven for letting me buy this wonderful doe! Proven brood doe. I am so excited to have her! Lili has beautiful color and she is a GREAT mom! WRR's Survi is Lili's daughter. Date of birth: April 9th 2005.
Lili wins Best In Show at the 2005 4-H Puyallup State Fair!


August 26th 2004 - December 19th 2008
RIP my Gobi Go-bster.

Currie's Liam (Gobi)

Gobi is a very affectionate Red New Zealand, he LOVES attention! This buck has an excellent head on him. Look at that color! Very muscular in the head and hindquarters! I love it! Thank you Judy from Currie's New Zealands for letting me buy this wonderful buck. Proven herd buck. I can't say enough good things about Gobi. Gobi has suffered from a stroke that happened on December 2nd 2008. He was fine for a while but then it got worse. There was nothing we could do for him, we took him to the vet and we had him put to sleep.
Date of birth: August 26th 2004. Legs: 1


August 26th 2004 - December 19th 2008
RIP my Gobi Go-bster.

HeiBrow's Dandylion (Thorp)

Thorp is a very cute White New Zealand. Thorp has won 2 Best In Shows in his past. I love this rabbit; he is such a sweetheart! Thank you Kelley from Trix are for Rabbits Rabbitry for letting me buy this wonderful rabbit. Proven herd buck.

Date of birth: February 16th 2004. Legs: 1

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