~~These policies are subject to change. Please read the entire page carefully before you contact me.~~

**To be on my waiting list I require a 50%-100% non-refundable deposit payment prior to you receiving your rabbits so I know for sure you will not flake out. I have had way to many people say they want one and have me put them on the waiting list and then just when I have one for them they never talk to me again.
I hope this does not change things but If your still interested this is what I require.**


* I offer stud service for healthy does.

Price varies with quality of buck, or sometimes pick of litter.  Of course, there is no guarantee on the quality of the offspring except that I will re-breed for free if there is no litter or if they all die.

* I reserve the right to refuse or decline a sale.

*I do not ship

* I do not sell rabbits under 8 weeks of age.

* I cannot guarantee that rabbits bought for breeding will produce offspring.

* I am open to talking about possible trades.

* My prices are reasonable. Prices are based on age, sex, quality, lines, show, and breeding records.


Lilac prices:

Individual rabbits: $30 per buck and $35 per doe

Pet quality animals: $15 each

Himalayan prices:

Individual rabbits: $20 per buck and $25 per doe


Pet quality animals: $15 each

Giant Angora prices:

Individual rabbits: $100 per buck and $120 per doe


Pet quality animals: $15 each


* I give multiple rabbit discounts (more than 3).

* I give 4-H discounts.

* Since I do not ship, arrangements must be made to meet me at a rabbit show or location convenient to me.  There will be a small care taking fee if a meeting cannot be accomplished within three weeks.  If you change your mind,  you forfeit your deposit.  Rabbit will be delivered upon receipt of full payment.

* Unless otherwise noted, my rabbits come complete with pedigree


Health Guarantee

 I guarantee the health of any rabbit that leaves the rabbitry for up to 7 days after the rabbit is in your hands.  If for some reason the rabbit becomes sick during this time and it is not due to stress from the adjustment time, being over handled, overfed, mistreated, kept in extreme temperatures or has suffered an injury caused by other pets, young children, been fed something not recommended in a rabbits diet, etc., then I will do my best to get you a replacement rabbit as soon as one is available. Please notify me as soon as a rabbit becomes ill or shows signs of being sick, not after the rabbit has died.

             E-mail me anytime at Mewtwokmd@aol.com