I do offer stud service for healthy does.  Price varies with quality of buck, or sometimes pick of litter.  Of course, there is no guarantee on the quality of the offspring except that I will re-breed for free if there is no litter or if they all die.

Hardway Shogun
Breed: Harlequin
Color: Black Japanese
Gender: Buck
Age: Born on March 24th 2013
Details: I couldn't help myself, I met this little guy and fell in love. I've always had a soft spot for Harlequins. Such a sweetheart. I am not breeding Harlequins, he will be used for 4-H purposes. Also my friend will be using him for her breeding program.

Breed: Flemish Giant
Color: Sandy
Gender: Doe
Age: Intermediate
Details: My husband's rabbit. Just a pet. Will be breeding though for fun. No pedigree. Showable. She currently weighs 15 pounds.

Half 'n' Half Rabbitry's HH24 Marc Antony
Breed: Creme D' Argent
Color: Standard
Gender: Buck
Age: Senior, born on December 25th 2009
Details: I bought Marc for my 4-H club, I had a few members interested in him. But they have changed their mind. He seems friendly, has done well at past shows. Pedigreed.

If anyone is interested in Marc, he is FOR SALE, asking $20 or best offer.

           E-mail me anytime at Mewtwokmd@aol.com